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Top shelf indoor cannabis products founded by longtime advocate,

Aundre Specialé. Representing several consecutive Emerald Cup winning cultivars, Specialé carries only the finest cannabis the industry has to offer.

  • Holy Crunch - 1st Place CBD Flower 2019

  • Lemon Crush - 1st Place Flower 2017

  • Guava Jam - 1st Place CBD Flower 2017

  • Rainbow Gummiez - 1st Place CBD Flower 2016


Lemon Crush - With hints of gingerbread, chocolate, vanilla and lemon... you’ll feel as if you’ve found the golden
ticket and landed some Willy Wonka Weed. Just think, a four-course dessert in one smoke! As you
delight in the exclusive, limited edition, champion of the 2017 Emerald Cup, you will finally
comprehend the expression designer cannabis (hot link). Years of marker-assisted selective
breeding, science and ‘love for the game’ have produced the tastiest ganja with the BEST EFFECTS in
the modern era, “by a huge landslide.” Critics and/or judges said it themselves. You have arrived.
You are officially a Cannaseur.

Holy Crunch - 2019 EMERALD CUP AWARD WINNER OF BEST CBD FLOWER!! Classic cookies crossed with an
heirloom South American sativa yielded a functional delight dubbed Holy Crunch. This ain’t no
Pepperidge Farm variety. This chemovar is packed with equal amounts of THC and CBD, so you get
safely stoned without an early onset anxiety or a crash. If you're gonna to have a cookie, have a
cookie. You deserve it. The duration of the effects will truly blow your mind with hints of Captain
Crunch and heavenly honey. One of the few CBD meds to hit the market that everyday users love. It’s
snack time!

Cali Gas - Everyone loves the gas! These buds are terpinolene-rich, giving you the energy to keep you rolling along while feeling great. 


Grape Lollipop - A delicious indica dominant, 2:1 CBD strain that is great for any novice cannabis user. With a very mild psychoactive effect, this CBD rich strain will help soothe any stress stirred up from your busy day. The very sweet taste ain't too bad either.


SFV Cookies - This myrcene-rich indica will give you all the bodily relaxation you are looking for. Sweet and robust in aroma, it releases a true citrus tone when consumed. If you are looking for that heavy duty couch-locker, that won't put you right to bed, this is the cultivar for you. 


Crush Ice - Pinene-rich sativa with all the energy you need. 


OG Citron - If you like the smoothness and flavor of an OG Kush, then you are going to love OG Citron. This is the improved version of The House Collection’s Classic Legend with the same smoothness and a great high. The very rare ratio of two parts THC with one part CBD creates an all new effect that most of us have never experienced. This smooth ride up and super extended long lasting almost all day feeling gives a clean ride back down to base. Look for extended relief for the duration. The ratio makes the high and enjoyment last longer = the definition of a great value.


Miron glass, also known as biophotonic or violet glass, is a type of deeply colored, almost opaque glass which is thought to be energized by light.

In use since ancient Egyptian times, Miron glass naturally filters the full spectrum of visible sunlight, only allowing through infrared & ultraviolet.

This protects the jar’s contents from losing aroma or potency over time, by only allowing the beneficial light through.

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