Our Philosophy

We are cultivators.

Cultivators of community, cannabis, and conversations about both.

We are committed to…

  • Safety . . . by providing an environment where you can feel safe and relaxed and choose from products that are all tested to ensure their safety.
  • Community . . . by being good neighbors and active members of our local community.
  • Innovation . . . by using innovation to improve the patient experience and increase value.
  • Education . . . by creating an experience that is designed to educate and inspire.
  • Natural Solutions . . . by creating cultivars, which serve as neurprotectants, dietary supplements, and natural solutions to everyday problems.
  • Chemistry . . .by understanding what is in our medicine and how it affects our mind and body.
  • Evolution . . . by encouraging feedback from all resources to drive decisions that ensure that our expertly curated assortment evolves over time.