Being a Good Neighbor

To provide a safe atmosphere in and around the dispensary, all members should follow these guidelines:

  • You must have and present to reception and security a valid and verifiable identification.
  • No cell phones, cameras or recording devices may be used in the building.
  • No loitering is permitted in the building or the building’s parking area.
  • Treat everyone in and around the building with respect and courtesy.
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed on the premises.
  • No dispensing or consumption of alcoholic beverages in the building or parking area is allowed.

Building positive relationships with homeowners and businesses in our neighborhood is vital to our operations. Please help us by always following these rules:

  • Always drive carefully and courteously.
  • Keep car stereo volume at a courteous level.
  • Use only the center’s parking lot or public parking when visiting the dispensary.
  • Do not linger in your car or on the sidewalk after your you have completed your visit.